Tantra For Sensual Lovers

Thu 24 November 2016 | -- (permalink)

During any of our short programs or even our 2 day Tantra workshop we teach both men and women the art of Tantric sex. Things like breathing, making noise and visualizations will open up to you possibilities in love making that you never dreamed of. It is about sharing, taking turns in giving and receiving pleasure and of course for the male how to last longer! We teach and guide you to find that 'altered state of consciousness' that will bring both you and your partner together in a way you can not imagine. Is it hard to learn? No it is not hard to learn. There is nothing to memorize, nothing to take home and learn and nothing to search the internet to find. Everything you need is with you now...We just show you how to use what you have, to the max. What that means is we get you to use your whole body, mind and energy to create all you need to enjoy your sexuality fully.

When lovers manage to reserve a space to see each other and themselves as higher beings, a type of energy is created that is quite helpful in their daily life together. Sexual energy is increased when stimulated by the erotic ritual. This is the basis for the process of Tantric transformation.

If you want to enjoy your sexuality then book any of our workshops with your partner or even by yourself and have your eyes and senses opened to the possibilities. Curious? Then contact us now to find out more. We have other options for individual males and females and shorter lessons so talk to us today so that we can design a program that suits you specifically.

Sex, and specifically the orgasm, is more that just something that feels good and allows procreation. There are many other functions, such as the release of dysfunctional energy within the body, which can help to keep one from becoming diseased. There is the function that opens the higher chakras, and under the right conditions allows a person to begin the process of enlightenment. And further, if two people, lovers, practice sacred sex, the entire experience can lead them together into higher consciousness and into worlds beyond this plane.

In relationships, a simple sexual principle, as taught by the ancient Egyptians, can change the energy level within your body and help to bring strength and vitality into your bodies and your relationship.

I offer this insight to assist two lovers — or even yourself, alone — to begin to find the higher path. This practice will not directly show you the true path. But it will increase your life-force energy, making you stronger, more alive, and more conscious. And perhaps it may lead you into eternal life.

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.
Oscar Wilde

"Tantric experience means neither to be repressive nor to be indulgent. Tantric experience is possible only if you move deep into meditation, otherwise not. When you become very very still, silent, aware, alert, then only is it possible that you will know something of tantra. Otherwise, tantra can also become an excuse for indulgence -- a new name, a religious name. And you can move into indulgence behind the name of tantra. Names won't make much change; your being needs change."